SME committed to the industrial fluid industry, began to develop the Dry-Break Coupling since 2015 in order to meet the needs of the industry market. Now it has successfully developed and applied for two product patents (DTD & DMG).
SME is an industrial supplier for hose couplings, flange joints and assorted types of industrial-grade pipe fittings and valves. The Company features the unique geographic advantage in one of the largest and the most congregated centers for non-ferrous metal productions in Wenzhou Zhejiang Province of China.

SME is therefore able to make the full use of every penny invested in producing world-class qualities (of quick-disconnect hose couplings of majority). We are proud to be one among those who are dedicated to improving the fluid connections in all industrial pipeline systems.

SME is short for "Sheng jiang" Mechanism and Equipment company, taking "jiang" from Ou-jiang river across Wenzhou city. It was the family business established and followed from massive production of mechanical equipments in complying with universal standards home and abroad. SME came to its name and was founded by Mr. Lee Sunlong since mid 2004.

China production can be associated with "mass produced", "cheap" and "poor safety standards" more than anything else. Learning to divert the concept of being cheap to better management on cost and risk controlling, we are making a different way of living.

Our team incorporates skilled members who excel at OEM on solid products or computer model and master craftsman who know by heart the metal forming and producing processes. SME is devoted to approaching the market with low-cost, feature-rich products. In terms of shipping for domestic business, we intend to provide 24-hour delivery.

The running flow of 60〜80% of our complete product program (esp. quick-disconnect couplings and flanges) are being formed on 6 floors of racks, 1.000+ pallets on and over in inventory in a spacing of over 2.000 square meter large. We are keeping track of historical shipping data for timing storage of particular items and because of that we are capable of pre-storing interested products prior to customers' requests.

Pre-stock is an additional service from SME. Stock in types of core materials, half products or end products are retained based on one or combined long-time, esp. a quarter or an annual requirement from international consumers.
SME committed to the industrial fluid industry, began to develop the Dry-Break Coupling since 2015 in order to meet the needs of the industry market. Now it has successfully developed and applied for two product patents (DTD & DMG).
To understand the manufacturing orientation of Wenzhou. Wenzhou inherits the superiorities of traditional industries, renovates and upgrades it with high and new technology and spurring on industrial modernization with information technology. Wenzhou has formed a complete industrial production system covering machinery, electricity, chemicals, ship-building, electrical power; building materials, light industrial products and textiles, foodstuffs, tanning, plastics, warehouse, superior steel and arts and crafts.
Wenzhou boasts many featured products, including shoes, apparel, electrical equipment, lighters, optical glasses, auto parts, valves, stainless steel, stationery, locks, synthetic leather; toys and playgrounds, packaging machinery, packaging bags, plastic machinery, sanitary ware, printing services and promotional gifts etc.
Their production bases are laid out in Lucheng District (鹿城), Ouhai District (瓯海), Longwan District (龙湾), Rui'an City (瑞安), Yueqing City (乐清), Cangnan County (苍南), Pingyang County (平阳) and Yongjia County (永嘉), which are all county-level administrations under Wenzhou.
Lucheng District, Ouhai District and Longwan District serve as main urban areas of Wenzhou. In Lucheng and Ouhai, there are numerous manufacturers for shoes, optical glasses, lighters and apparel. In the Industrial Zone of China Shoes Capital, you will be amazed at so many shoes factories there. Also, these two districts have the majority of Wenzhou's suppliers for apparel, optical glasses and lighters, though the industry of lighters is undergoing a tough time these years.
Longwan District, where Wenzhou Airport is located, has many different industries, including stainless steel, valves for sanitary use, sanitary ware, stationery, synthetic leather and locks, some of which you can also find in Ouhai District.
Yueqing City is most famous for its electrical equipment. If you go to Liushi, a township under Yueqing City, you will see advertisements of electricals everywhere. Yueqing is also the birth place of many famous electrical brands in China, like CHINT, CNC and PEOPLE etc.
Rui'an City is in the south of Wenzhou, where there are many factories for auto parts and packaging machinery. A township called Tangxia gathers most suppliers for auto parts. Also, it is called a production base for cloth and injection shoes.
Yongjia County is famous for its Nanxi River; a hot tourist spot in Wenzhou. Well, the county also gives birth to many competitive industries, including valves in its Oubei Town, playgrounds in its Qiaoxia Town and buckles, buttons and zippers for shoes and apparel in its Qiaotou Town.
Pingyang County and Cangnan County are the most southern parts of Wenzhou, where you can find a lot of factories for promotional gifts, packaging bags, labels and plastic machinery which are used to produce plastic bags, and printing services.
SME committed to the industrial fluid industry, began to develop the Dry-Break Coupling since 2015 in order to meet the needs of the industry market. Now it has successfully developed and applied for two product patents (DTD & DMG).
Fumigation-free packaging materials, pallets in compliance with EUR shipping codes are used for the complete program of our products. Inside of which, each product is protected safe and tight with bubble foam bags, plastic bags or shrinkage wrappers, external thread and surface protected with nets or caps. Carbon steel fittings, esp. flange ones are taken with great care as the plating surface gets oxidized then rusty easily. We use both anti-rusty oil and grease paper for the protection.

To boost sales, and accelerate the flow in inventory, we have put a fixed number of quantities into each box, carton, and even pallet, making that much easier for customers to count, repack and order with efficiency on both time and cost. Check with our sales for details about the discounted offer on ordering full box, carton or pallet.
Markings are used for multiple purposes. (a) Branding as a priority, we have options with the embossed letters in the molds, having them beautifully stand out in your products, and possible with cost friendly ways like engraving, etching, and laser or ink printing. Commonly the stainless steel items carry laser marks as the prime solution that avoids contamination. Check with our sales for the offer in bulk or individually.

(b) Tracking serials, bar codes and batch number are getting popular as a swift way to identify the problemed batch from materials sourcing, fabrication as well as many processes that follow before packaging. That is efficient for both parties. We love them as that helps to optimize not only the customers' satisfaction, but also improves the internal flow of working in all kinds of aspects. Every batch of production has a tracking serial that is recorded in paper, searchable within just seconds to make sure of a problem, locate the questioning process, alter that and eliminate it once-for-all.

(c) Details about the contents are of course relected in the markings, saying the quantities, names and short descriptions (in multiple languages), base materials and furtherly possible in precise format per customers' request.

(d) Check points with green stickers are used as a tool for spot checks whenever necessary. Details about wich please refer to our sales as the ratio of checks is not always the same. It depends on range of items, complexity of production in addition to customers' intension.
SME committed to the industrial fluid industry, began to develop the Dry-Break Coupling since 2015 in order to meet the needs of the industry market. Now it has successfully developed and applied for two product patents (DTD & DMG).

Material ingots are sourced from quality vendors with proven stability and continuous supply capacity. It is on the other hand of utmost importance that we can thereafter establish tracing systems from material to processing for specialties especially of cases like high-value-yet-low-volume custom made. Definite heat numbers or batch numbers are engraved permanently at visible positions on bodies.

Metal materials are proven in every process since when we check the correctness of the resources. The information is kept in database that can be restored in case of request. Final products are double confirmed using spectrum analyzer before inventory. We are using a handheld Olympus Innov-X Alloys and Metals Analyzer that identifies alloy grades of esp. stainless steel and copper alloys in seconds. With its in-built material database the result is automatically made and instantly read so that we are able to approve the quality beyond eyes right before shipping.

Most of our products are dimensionally specified in relevant standards published by industry authorities like BS, DIN, ASTM, etc. We are following them strictly in order to make sure of the interchangeable of every coupling with worldwide manufacturers who are producing according to norm. Computerized models from CAD 2D / 3D drawings are developed to help perfect the molding structure. We pay highest respect to mold makers who are dedicated to sculpturing the optimal base for different forms of productions so that productiveness is enhanced while production cost can be saved. Standard calibers, self developed gauges and tools are used in crucial processes case by case. Curve tools are custom-made for cam and groove adapters curve; for safety clamp rib distance as in right image; and for TW fittings crown closeness and so on.

Compression tests are applied on sealing materials complying with Shore A with and without simulating working on two couplings.

Breaking and blast tests are usually applied for the purpose of discovering the physical limitation of body intensities. Taking tests of impact tests, press tests, pulling tests, expanding and torque testing, we are able to pinpoint crucial points for the desired mechanical parameters.

Press tests using hydraulic compressing machines to distort, for instance, aluminum ferrule clamping to prove its excellent ductility when no cracking line is observed. Pulling tests for eg. tensile strength of a safety cable to discover the maximum power it can withstand from sudden and continuous force. In pulling test for a reinforced polypropylene cam and groove female coupler; we pull apart the two handles till one is torn broken. The collapsing pressure is leveled up when a stronger formula of compound is developed. In torque tests we turn an over-sized tapered outside thread into a female till its molding line or weakest thread position collapses. That is a simulation of the use of applying too much force when threading two couplings together.

Enduring testing like hydrostatic pressure tests is less aggressive than blasting tests. The result is made by observing air bubbles in case of leakage in bodies or at sealing positions. Hydrostatic testing under water is always carried out on each coupling prior to the machining process. It is made to discover any fiber thin leakage or sand holes in poor castings and forges.

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