• Crowfoot Couplings
    for Compressed Air and Water Hose Assemblies

  • Crowfoot couplings are universal hose couplings with unified crowfoot applied in air compressor and water delivery applications. They are produced in basically hot-stamped brass alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel materials.
  • European air couplings (EA) are available in the range from DN 10~25, Minsup DN 13~25, Chicago (UA) DN 6~25, Sandblast ¾" ~ 1½", GK claw DN 6~38 and Express fittings ¼" ~ 1¼".
  • EA couplings are designed and made in accordance with DIN-3489, being interchangeable with Lüdecke's, Minsup per Australian specifications, UA and SB per Dixon's, GK being fully interchangeable with Karasto's and Express in compliance with NF E 29-573.
  • Unified Crowfoot Distances

  • Crowfoot couplings are universally compatible couplings. The mating size (distance between crowfoots) of a half coupling is identical no matter sizes, materials or types (hose tails, threads and blinds).
  • Crowfoot CouplingUniversal Distance
    (EA) European couplingø 42mm
    (AUS) Minsup couplingø 42mm
    (UA) Chicago couplingø 41mm / 70mm
    (SB) Sandblast coupling ø ≈ 57mm
    (GK) Claw couplingø 40mm
    (NF) Express fittingø 41mm
  • Note: In the table we state the claw distances per relevant norms or dominant standards in the market. Yet possibility still lies in there when one manufacturer can develop unique dimension, with cautions about interchangeability.
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