• Steam Fittings EN 14423

  • material

  • brass CW614N

    stainless steel

    electroplating steel

  • sealing

  • frenzelit® thread seal

    PTFE thread seal

  • range

  • 15






  • Tech Specs

  • (GA) tapered male thread (GA) copper alloy (GA) plating steel (G) union nut w. gasket (G) copper alloy (G) plating steel (FV) weld-neck flange (KBS) bolted clamp (KBS) CW614N

    EN14423 / DIN2826 steam fittings are screw-type hose fittings used with steam hoses rated for pressures up to 18 bar.

    Steam fittings are provided with tapered male thread (GA), part with union nut and gasket (G), and by flange connection (FV) clamped with reuseable clamps with bolts and nuts.


  • thread seal bolts and nuts lock nut

    Steam specialized Frenzelit® thread seal is supplied in brass and plating steel thread unions, PTFE for stainless steel.

    Bolts and nuts of plating steel graded 10.9 (or 8.8) are supplied with aluminum and brass clamps, or stainless steel for SS316 clamps.

    Lock nuts can be used for reinforcement in case of vibrating conditions.


  • DIN EN 14423 — Clamp-type coupling assemblies for use with steam hoses rated for pressures up to 18 bar


  • Parallel internal thread EN ISO 228 with sealing ring

    Tapered external thread EN 10226-1


    • Brass alloy CW614N

    • Acid bath cleaning

    • Stainless steel 1.4408

    • Electropolishing

    • Carbon steel

    • Electroplating

    Material and Finish

  • Manufacture

  • Branding on hexagon positions and clamp body

    Norm: EN 14423

    Size, eg. DN25

    Body material, eg. CW614N, 1.4408, 1.0038


  • EUR standard pallet

    LW 120 × 80 cm