• Couplings & Accessories for Firefighting Equipments

  • We provide international quick-disconnect fire couplings, nozzles and hydrant fittings for firefighting and fire extinguishing use. They are produced in basically intensified aluminum light-alloy, brass and gunmetal bronze materials.
  • DIN Storz couplings are available in the range of 25D ~ 150, BS instantaneous couplings 1½" ~ 2½", NF DSP/AR couplings DN40 ~ 100, GFR couplings DN20 ~ 100, UNE Barcelona couplings DN25 ~ 70, JIS Nakajima DN40 ~ 65, Russian Gost DN50 ~ 125. Nozzles include straight jetting ones, fog spray and sheet spray types.
  • The series, inclusive of hose tail inside and outside thread and blind caps, are made according to international standards or tailered dimensions per specific demands for equipments.
  • Forging Aluminum

  • We apply forging technique for firefighting couplings which intensifies the working safety. Comparison test proves the mechanical resistance a forging storz is twice higher than a casted piece.
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