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GK Claw Couplings

GK claw couplings, originated from Germany, is in general part of the family of couplings with unified claws.

Symmetric couplings with claws are light-weighted, easy to operate and cost-saving to replace. They are ideal for connecting and disconnecting water hoses swiftly and safely so that they are widely used in applications like agriculture, gardening or constructions.

Flexible Clamping Solutions

Durable clamps for GK claw couplings as of bolted, wormgear, band-it, superior and custom-made-for structures.

multi serrations perfect rigidity

Multi-Serrations Perfect Rigidity

Shanked claw couplings are armed with multi-serrations that bites into hoses just tight. No slippery from assembled hoses. Multi-serration inclusive of barb alike entry gives perfect connections for all shanked claw couplings.

The profiled surface is either processed by metal powder grounding or lathe machining for different hose compatibilities.

40mm GK Claw Connection

Dimension of connection for our GK claw couplings is unified to 40mm regardless of sizes of hose shank, thread for sizes or core material combinations.

shiny colors extend lifetime

Shiny Colors Extend Lifetime

Surface colors can be processed with shiny colors as by chrome treating for brass or electro-polishing for stainless steel. Dim colors can be achieved also by sand blasting the complete units. Both of those treatments are supposed to give extended lifetime against oxidation in use.

optional sealing solutions

Optional Sealing Solutions

Core sealing gaskets made from NBR (Acrylonitrile Butadiene), FPM (Fluorocarbon), CR (Polychloroprene), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) compounds are commonly requested for transfering liquids, gasses or mixture from plain water to chemicals.