air brake fittings

Air Brake Fittings

Our air brake fittings are used in air brake systems of maximum working pressure 150 psi for basically nylon, copper alloyed tubing meeting specifications of SAE and DOT.

They are easy to assemble with no flaring. The ribbed sleeve is giving rise to the positive gripping force. They are made by copper alloyed barstocks CA360. All tolerances are restricted within ±0.02 inch.

We have air brake fittings of unions with sleeve, insert and nut, and elbow, tee, branch and run tee and adapters.

two piece union assembly for nylon tubing for copper tubing

Two-Piece Union Assembly

Air brake fittings are screwed on with outside screw fittings by screw nut and sealed with compression force achieved by inserting ball sleeve. Move the screw fittings onto the sleeve before tightening them with the nut by bare hand.

Additional turns must be made using a wrench as per:

— for Nylon Tubing: 3 turns for 1/4" tubes; 4 turns for tubing 3/8~1/8"; and 3½ turns for 5/8~3/4";

— for Copper Tubing: 1¾ for tubing sizes 1/4~3/8", 3¼ for tubing 1/2~3/4".