Crimping sleeve is made from steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing of the ready thickness. Check with our sales about the specs and you may customize on that too.

DN25 1"φ35.020.0212104044021044051
DN25 1"φ36.030.0 044051.1
DN25 1"φ36.038.0 044051.2
DN25 1"φ42.025.0 044021.1
DN40 1½"φ46.025.0 044052
DN40 1½"φ50.025.0212106044022044052.1
DN40 1½"φ50.050.0 044022.1
DN50 2"φ50.030.0 044053
DN50 2"φ50.044.0 044053.1
DN50 2"φ56.025.0 044053.2
DN50 2"φ57.030.0212107044023
DN50 2"φ67.050.0 044023.1
DN50 2"φ67.063.0 044023.2
DN65 2½"φ79.038.0 044054
DN65 2½"φ80.030.0 044054.1
DN65 2½"φ80.045.0 044054.3
DN65 2½"φ80.050.0 044054.4
DN65 2½"φ84.050.0 044054.2
DN65 2½"φ85.555.0212108044024
DN80 3"φ101.075.0 044055
DN80 3"φ111.070.0212109044025
DN100 4"φ122.560.0 044056
DN150 6"φ122.585.0 044056.1
DN150 6"φ157.2152.4212112044027